Authorities analyzes the formation of a “Maritime Cluster in Chile”

This meeting was organized by the Maritime League of Chile and was performed in order to generate information and discussion space where they welcomed the proposals of different national industries activities to search for a consensus and to allow the formation and implementation of a maritime cluster.

A cluster is a geographical and industry concentration of public, private firms and institutions, which interaction produces innovation and expertise, creating opportunities for growth. Therefore, the objective of a Sea Cluster can contribute significantly to increasing the competitiveness of the sector or component groups, through various strategies and actions.

For the Admiral, Eri Solis, president of the Maritime League of Chile, Valparaíso plays an important role because it is a main actor in maritime trade. “We must remember that our foreign trade totaled 120 billion dollars, or half of our gross product. As trade increases it also increased our capacity of development and welfare. That’s why we are concerned that Valparaiso follows the natural expansion and maritime concessions to be successful, “said Solis.

On the occasion, the Secretary of Transportation, Gloria Hutt, explained that the Cluster will not only allow a commercial positioning but also a quality position in the world. “The state must support and promote the competitiveness and tax measures, among others. Today we see how each sees its role, if the group is mature enough to form a cluster and what is need by the government to undertake an initiative like this, “he said.

On the other hand, Mayor of Valparaiso, Jorge Castro, said “it is very important to be aware of these types of proposals that could benefit us as a country or city. Therefore, we conducted this seminar that allows the view of the state and area organizations to discuss a Sea Cluster, also to know the advantages, disadvantages and models in the world. No doubt this journey of information has been very profitable. ”

Source: Radio Santiago