Products and Services

Full Ship Supply

Provisions (Fresh & Dry) Frozen, Cabin & Galley stores, Deck, Engine & Electrical, Stationery and Medicines.

Workshop asistance & service

Specialized in technical assistance according to each requirement for the following areas: Mechanics, Internal Combustion, Cleaning, Refrigeration, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Welding, Electricity and Electronics.

Garbage &Sludge Removal

Bilge , Organic & Inorganic waste removal at anchorage or berthed. We also offer service for waste and contaminated hydrocarbons items, chemical waste, batteries, fluorescent tubes, and other medical waste according to customer requirements and standard regulations that applies.

Drinkable ships water supply

Drinkable water supply at anchorage service, including pumping, connection, disconnection and transportation.

Chemical Products / Gas

Gas filling, such has Oxygen, Acetylene and Freon 12.22.

Boat & Crane Services

These services are assisted for all vessels, tankers that remain at anchorage in Chilean Ports, by this way we offer safe and swift deliveries at any time.

Inspection and Certification of FIRE Extinguishers system

Inspection, certification and maintenance for ; rafts, breathing appliance, compressed air system of high pressure, portable & fixed extinguishers.

Repair & Maintenance of Marine Navigation devices

Gyrocompass, GPS, VHF