Chilean Company, which was created with the proposal to satisfy all needs related to personal safety and material aspects for Shipping and Fishing Companies that are calling Chilean ports.

Ferretería Technical Maritime(Hardware store), a Chilean company that was created to meet shipbuilding industry needs. Representative and Distributor for Chile Drew Marine products


Company that was founded in 1982, with Maritime, Shipyard, Safety, Fishing, Agriculture, Industrial and Mining expertise.



Provides Environmental Services under strict safety standards, giving at all time fulfillment to national and international current rules.


Expert in manufacture and distribution of cleaning chemical products and maintenance of marine vessels and related components, giving personalized service and technical support meeting with all customers needs.

Valparaíso Ship Services S.A. began operating in the early 80’s supplying the ports of Valparaíso, Quintero and San Antonio. Currently, supplies all Chilean ports with national and international standards and with representation in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Greece and Italy. ISO 9001:2008 – ISO 14001:2004 Certified UKAS Quality Management BUREAU VERITAS & ISSA Quality Member.

Master in any Fresh & dry Provisions delivery. We count with experience, manpower and structure facilities with a very good service, furthermore the good conditions and the excellent quality of our products. Our main Port deliveries are San Antonio, Valparaiso, Quintero and Ventanas